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popular in Brazil 920mhz uhf passive rfid

popular in Brazil 920mhz uhf passive rfid

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popular in Brazil 920mhz uhf passive RFID

The Passive RFID Shoe Tag from Trustags is a sturdy, low-cost timing chip that can be used with UHF Reader to provide a reliable RFID Chip Timing solution for a number of sporting events like athletics, track & field, cross country, trail running, and adventure races.

The passive, dual-frequency timing chip uses the ISO18000-6C protocol with ultrahigh frequencies (860 to 960 mhz) that can penetrate through “lossy” media without antenna detuning or high attenuation. This ensures accurate and reliable reads with high data rates (up to 128kbit/sec).

Passive – no battery
Low cost single chip solution
Chip times integrate with FinishLynx software
High tag read rate – up to 120 tags/sec
Factory programmed 512 bit ID number
High tag transmission rate (128 kbits/sec)
Compliant with USA, European, Australian, and RSA spectrum allocations
Long read range – 6 m (can be more depending on reader/tag configuration)

RFID Athletes Tag for timing races, which can provide race start and end timings for individuals in large races where it is impossible to get accurate stopwatch readings for every entrant. UHF tags provide accurate readings with specially designed antennas, equips players with RFID chips measures speed, distance and direction traveled by each player in real-time.

Which have the following advantages:
1. Long and stable reading distance
2. Fast response time
3. Rewritable  
4. High accuracy

uhf passive rfid for sporter

uhf gen2 rfid tags

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