RFID brief introduction

2017-10-14 17:02:47

China is a manufacturing power in China, each manufacturing industry is a flames, the garment industry is no exception. How the garment factory in the sea of fire to survive and development, is bound to use advanced technology, advanced management concepts to produce. At present, most of the small and medium-sized garment factory is the use of bar code management, each piece of clothing has its own bar code labels, price items can be bar code for inquiries, out of storage, statistics and so on. However, with the increase in the capacity of garment factories, a piece of clothing sweep bar code is a time-consuming and laborious, and easy to trouble things, so how can more convenient and more effective clothing management is the future of each garment factory must be considered The problem.

RFID technology

RFID technology is not the earliest in the garment industry, after decades of development, RFID has been widely used in all walks of life, and is penetrating into the traditional industries, the garment industry is no exception. Because UHF RFID technology uses radio frequency to carry out non-contact two-way communication exchange data to achieve automatic identification purposes, with waterproof, anti-magnetic, high temperature, long life, read distance, the label data can be encrypted, storage data capacity Large, storage information changes freely, can identify high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple labels and other advantages, many garment enterprises through the RFID tag and clothing combination, can automatically, real-time, intelligent to achieve clothing management. At present, RFID technology has gradually become a brand clothing factory to improve the level of clothing management, reduce management costs, enhance the core competitiveness of the indispensable technical tools and means.

Intelligent management program

The main purpose of this program is to use RFID technology to quickly read and write long-range, unique identification and anti-counterfeiting anti-theft characteristics of the goods to achieve rapid batch transmission and delivery operations, record a single piece of goods in the logistics and commodity circulation changes in the properties, so as to achieve efficient Operation, the purpose of traceability to help customers optimize the logistics and warehousing process, the implementation of channel regulatory policies to promote product sales.

RFID garment factory intelligent management solution

The specific objectives of the program include:

1, to give each piece of clothing goods unique identification ID. Search this ID to check this product in the production, logistics, sales and other aspects of the record of information, in order to achieve a single item of goods in a timely manner tracking management;

2, the headquarters of the warehouse receipt, the use of RFID receipt channel equipment FCL quickly scan the goods, generate and print the packing list, and automatically docked with the ERP system in the database record each box cargo list;

3, the warehouse shipment, the use of RFID equipment FCL quickly scan the goods, check the results of the scan and delivery notice, generate and print each box of goods shipped, or the shipment list, and in the database record Each RFID electronic label associated goods delivery time, goods destination, agent number and other commodity attributes and commodity flow information;

4, the downstream agents are also equipped with RFID scanning equipment, through the network to access the brand ERP software system, you can perform the same operation, fast and fine out of storage management, collecting dealers and retail stores of goods flow information. Customers and agents at all levels and dealers can simultaneously share data, collaborative management;

5, when the warehouse picking or store inventory, the use of RFID handheld terminal can quickly select the target goods by order to avoid wrong picking, missed or more picking; inventory without a one operation, to achieve efficient inventory;

6, when the brand or dealer market regulators need to check the suspicious goods, the use of RFID handheld terminal scanning electronic tags within the goods, you can query the flow of goods and orders and orders and other information, timely identification of goods Authenticity and channel attribution;

7, when the goods are sold in the store, the RFID terminal connected to the store POS can scan the sales of goods to the label information, update sales data, while the label of the EAS bit is set to not alarm state; when the goods through the door of the door security System, the normal sale of goods can go through the alarm, not through the POS normal purchase process of clothing will cause sound and light alarm;

8, each piece of clothing RFID tags stored in the information are set password protection, only the system within the legitimate RFID equipment can correctly capture or rewrite the label information, illegal equipment can not be collected to ensure the safety and unique information.

Program implementation plan

This program is the most important is the combination of RFID technology and enterprise ERP, Zhao clothing clothing with years of clothing bar code technology, on this basis, has now developed a clothing RFID and clothing ERP combination of clothing RFID management software, the specific implementation The program is as follows:

Step 1: Pick the RFID tag

RFID tags to achieve a lot of technology, according to the use of different environments, there are high temperature, humidity, pressure and so on different environments, the use of technology are not the same, of course, there will be differences in cost, choose a suitable RFID tags, High and cost savings.

The second step: RFID technology and ERP combination

The use of Zhao workers clothing ERP software can be seamlessly combined with RFID technology, automatically generate and print RFID tags, for each piece of goods affixed with a unique identity

Step 3: Merchandise RFID tags

In the process of garment generation, in order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data generated, labeling is an indispensable link.

The fourth step: production and sales implementation

With the RFID this unique logo, the goods of the cutting, ironing, sewing, processing, out of storage, sales and other data on the crystal clear

Step 5: officially on the line

The Advantages and Disadvantages of RFID Technology

The advantages of RFID technology is certainly very clear, RFID only need to accurately read the electromagnetic field, compared with the bar code of a piece of scanning more convenient. Another advantage is that RFID chips can be reused, write a data after the next can also be modified, mainly to reduce the cost of using RFID technology companies.

RFID shortcomings are mainly reflected in the reading device, because the level of reading equipment on the market level is missing, and some low prices (not recommended), and some high prices. And equipment band uniformity is relatively poor, can not be common to each other, this will inevitably lead to unnecessary costs.

In short, RFID technology is the future trend of intelligent clothing industry, we can not escape a little bit of risk and missed the opportunity to quickly seize the initiative. In the development of the road only dare to take the risk of people can be invincible.

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