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epoxy HF adhesive printable 13.56 mhz rfid

epoxy HF adhesive printable 13.56 mhz rfid

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epoxy HF adhesive printable 13.56 mhz RFID

Gas Cylinders have a tough life cycle, which it endures through High Pressure, corrosion, stress on
its body, temperature variations in transportation, leaks and they carry risks of dangerous leaks. Our
RFID Tag is designed for harsh conditions that these cylinders do through in its life cycle.
These Tags, with the help of networks can assist various personals in a filling station about the
various points the cylinder goes through, be if cleaning, filling or ready for dispatch, the supervisor
can get instant data on the operations real-time. These tags also work in repairs, Authentication
of bottles, transportation, inventory control management to increase efficiency of any bottling plant.
From which so as to solve long-term gas cylinder illegal modification, escape the use registration,
and fails to inspect regularly.

13.56 mhz rfid

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