RFID Postal Tag 2017-06-30 17:26:32

RFID technology has broad applicability to the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry in item management. RFID Postal Tag is a new technique to gathering individual information and tracking the parcel.

Shenzhen Trustags Smartlabel Technology as the largest RFID tag manufacturer in China, worked for RFID for more than 12 years, they innovate and improve RFID tag into postal application, adapts parcel processing such as registration, collection, sorting, distribution, sending, arriving, and delivery, and real time trace and tracking of pallet management in postal logistics environments.

For the delivery office, RFID postal tags attached to the parcel can be identified and transfer postal code and address to local server, the mail office can do a real- time trace and parcel processing via a postal system. This application provides a high efficient way to identify and manage a large burden of package, also it is a powerful data collection tool for package seeking and reduce costs.

For the customers, it is easy to get commodities information of lading, origin, destination etc. and avoid parcel error.

RFID tracking solution have been the trend for inventory management, now it is widely used in commerce, transportation and logistics field etc.Welcome to visit our site:

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